About Topknotch

Hello! I’m Rachael Williams and I’m so glad you stopped by my baby, Topknotch (It’s almost like Bruiser is to Elle Woods in Legally Blonde!)

Topknotch is a lifestyle and beauty blog for the everygirl. It’s about demystifying what colour makeup looks good with your complexion, which sunscreen allows you to not look like a sweaty mess and if primer really is necessary.

At Topknotch you’ll find reviews, beauty education and general lifestyle to hopefully provide you with insight, knowledge, humor and confidence when you stand at the makeup counter desperately trying not to make eye contact with the sales women in case she comes over and recommends a product you have no idea about. Buyers remorse is a real thing, people. We will also cover a few wellness topics, because as we all know balance is key!

I live in the most beauty city in the world, Cape Town, so expect to see some event coverage and things to do around here. Don’t worry – I’ll also let you know where you can find all the good G&T’s!

I’m passionate about all things digital so I’m going to also try and cover a few topics for female entrepreneurs out there who would like to start their own blog or websites. I believe that knowledge is power, and giving others knowledge or tools can empower them to make a difference in their own communities.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat! I’m always willing to discuss things like the perils of blue eyeshadow.